Matthew Sweet | In Motion

Hi, nice to meet you.

I'm Matt; a reader, writer, product manager and self-taught programmer. Broadly, I'm interested in complex systems, computing and communication.

The simplest way to reach me is email: matt@thisdomain. I use email for correspondence, not capture. Cold emails are welcome; I'm responsive by default and I operate by Crocker's Rules. I'm also reachable on on Warpcast, Twitter and a dynamic set of Discord servers and Slack groups.


Some insight into what I'm up to right now.

Product management
Advisory, consulting etc.
The Magnificent Seven
Motion-based approaches to computing and intelligence
Building ______
The Yak Collective
Swell and Cut


A selection of salient past activities and projects.

Seminal Reads

Much of the goodness in my life has—and continues to—emerge from reading. Below are the highest rated books I've read recently.

Top Rated Books of 2022

All lists are based on the "Read" section of my 2022 annual review.

Top rated non-fiction, 2022
Top rated fiction, 2022
Honourable mentions, 2022

Top Rated Books of 2021 (April to December)

Both lists are based, in part, on the "Read" section of my 2021 annual review.

Top rated non-fiction, 2021
Top rated fiction, 2021

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