Matthew Sweet

Hi. I’m Matt. My life right now involves (amongst other things): product management, reading, writing, producing a newsletter, researching motion-based approaches to computing and intelligence, and contributing to a governance study group.

My past life includes (amongst other things): multiple sports as a child and teenager, nope-ing out of formal higher education, itinerant restaurant and bar employment, movement coaching, stints in security response teams at summer events and festivals, independent writing projects and high-volume blogging, freelance editorial services, factory work, and a pandemic-enabled pivot into tech.


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The simplest way to reach me is email: matt@thisdomain. I use email for correspondence, instead of capture. I’m on Farcaster ( and Twitter (@Matthew_Sweet), too. I’m responsive by default and I operate by Crocker’s Rules.


A selection of what I’m up to now:


A selection of salient things from my past:

Seminal Reads

A loosely categorised selection of impactful non-fiction books from recent years.

On complex systems:

On product management and design:

On technology and computing:

On creativity and learning:

On human nature:


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