Matthew Sweet

Hi, I’m Matt. A writer turned product manager; a self-taught programmer; an autodidact. I’m especially interested in the intersection of complex systems, computing and communication. My latest annual review-roundup-reflection provides some more context.


The simplest way to reach me is email: matt@thisdomain. I use email for correspondence, instead of capture. I’m responsive by default and I operate by Crocker’s Rules. You can also reach me on Farcaster (@msms), Twitter (@Matthew_Sweet) and via a dynamic set of Discord servers and Slack groups.


Right now, I am:


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Seminal Reads

2022 reads

My top non-fiction reads of 2022 (more info here):

Other impactful reads

A loosely categorised selection of other impactful non-fiction books from recent years.

On complex systems:

On product management and design:

On technology and computing:

On creativity and learning:

On human nature:


Inspired by Hyperlinked Text and Start with words; last updated January 2023.