Matthew Sweet

Hi, my name is Matt. I’m a reader, writer and product manager who’s especially interested in the intersection of complex systems, computing and communication. My 2022 annual review contextualises the entity that is Me; the “Now” and “Previously” sections below enumerate notable present and past activities, whilst the “Seminal Reads” and “Seminal Writes” sections draw attention to impactful books I’ve read and some favourite textual artefacts I’ve produced.


The simplest way to reach me is email: matt@thisdomain. I use email for correspondence, instead of capture. I’m responsive by default and I operate by Crocker’s Rules. I’m also reachable on Warpcast, Twitter and a dynamic set of Discord servers and Slack groups.



Seminal Reads

2022 reads

My top non-fiction reads of 2022 (more info here):

Other impactful reads

A loosely categorised selection of other impactful non-fiction books from recent years.

On complex systems:

On product management and design:

On technology and computing:

On creativity and learning:

On human nature:

Seminal Writes

Some recent favourites from my own corpus of non-fiction blogging.


Inspired by Hyperlinked Text and Start with words; last updated March 2023.