Matthew McDowell-Sweet | In Motion

Hi there, I'm Matt.


I'm a founder and researcher with a broad interest in complex systems, computing and communication. I'm located in the south west of England, in the UK. The best way to reach me is email: matt@thisdomain. I'm on active on Warpcast, Discord (@matt_ms) and Twitter, too.


Right now, I'm focused on:

Other activities? Producing digests of interesting things I find on the web; practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and cross-training different forms of movement; hanging out at The Yak Collective and the Summer of Protocols forum; blogging (occasionally); keeping up with Critical Role and the NBA.


A selection of salient past activities, projects and milestones:


Much of the goodness in my life has—and continues to—emerge from reading. My current reading tracks and my highest rated books from the past few years are below.

Active Reading Tracks

I read continuously and in parallel. I'm a moody reader and reading multiple texts simply increases the probability that there's always something I'm excited to read at a particular moment. I accomplish this by having defined tracks that act as attentional braces, and it's a stance that applies to both fiction and non-fiction.

The current tracks for non-fiction are:

  • Motion: the study of motion as an abstract phenomena (flows, folds and fields) and as an applied concept (flows, folds and fields in different domains)
  • Computing: the study of computing across the entire range of the technological stack, from the boring edge to the bleeding edge and from established paradigms to alternative, adjacent possible, truncated ones
  • Intelligence: the study of how one—a person, an animal, an entity, a system, agents, sub-agents, or super-agents—situates themselves in the world, constructs realities, makes decisions and embodies actions

For fiction, I am splitting my reading like so (and with an emphasis on female and minority authors): one fantasy read, one sci-fi read and one read that is classic or a fresh work (genre agnostic).

Top Rated Books of 2023

All lists are based on the "Read" section of my 2023 annual review. A mega-thread of all of 2023's reads can be found here.

Top rated non-fiction, 2023
Top rated fiction, 2023
Honourable mentions, 2023

Top Rated Books of 2022

All lists are based on the "Read" section of my 2022 annual review.

Top rated non-fiction, 2022
Top rated fiction, 2022
Honourable mentions, 2022

Top Rated Books of 2021 (April to December)

Both lists are based, in part, on the "Read" section of my 2021 annual review.

Top rated non-fiction, 2021
Top rated fiction, 2021